1. The rarity factor is colossal. Just 500 works from more than 5 decades.
Prolificacy not a virtue, as quality always suffers.

2. Each piece is exquisitely perfected and takes up to 407 hours of work to create.

3. Elliott pioneered one-offs and tiny editions of originals. Average edition is about 3.

4 . This is art of outstanding, timeless stature. In 50 years it has not dated at all.

5. Elliott pioneered the two most powerful and revolutionary art forms in history,
Photo Art & Cyber Art. Way ahead of the pack.

6 . Elliott destroys images as he creates new ones, as part of an ongoing evolutionary process.
So the canon is not expanding.

7. Elliott is a world class, master colour printer. Both darkroom and lightroom.
He prints each piece personally on his own equipment.

8. Elliott and his work have an international reputation with formidable critical acclaim.

9. Elliott creates everything in his images himself. These are masterpieces not assistantpieces.

10. Work shows extraordinary originality, creativity, profundity and beauty. Such a combination is rare.

11. Pieces have already sold for up to £25,500 ($40,000).

12. This Art has no historical precedent.

13. The art spans an incredible arc from madness and death to glamour, money, power, sex, beauty and love.
This is unique in art.

14. Elliott's art is world famous and has been internationally influential.

15. Elliott started off as an artist and remains at the cutting edge of art today.
He is not a commercial photographer.

16. Elliott does not allow proofs.

17. Elliott has always been an artist and has an uninterrupted canon, spanning over 50 years

18. Unusually, the oeuvre is all in colour. Art photography in colour from the 1970s is hard to find.

19. The art has eye-wrenching visual impact.

20. The work shows creative supremacy and technical virtuosity. A rare combination in any field of art.

JAMES ELLIOTT - Abbey Road - London